What a small world

26 Jul 2013

A leaf duckweed belongs to the sea, where not to meet in life? The past ringing in the dream. Remember that year, I and you, met in the May flower fragrance, but see Dongfeng innumerable twists and turns, you wind came, floated into my dreams, I leaned back in the fold, time of clothes, a thousand ripples at every entrance, amidst the only hand in hand with you in all of time, the storm of lifpolo shirts on sale.

I will wait for you, not time of instant, my appearance, finally thin in the years lost color.

Where not to meet in life, even if the face covered with dust, hair like frostfinancial, Ping water also love, such as water duckweed, I do not know when it will stick around, minor phase.

Love meet, straight people, each one rooted in the heart of love, all with years of deep regretdvd storage, we circled on foot over the sky, leaving many tears.

Friendship, with our life, always want to pour me a world of love, in exchange for friendship and meaningful, never abandon in the years together, together in the face of the autumn frost eye, become each other’s heart the spread of “if you are in full bloom, tender and care from the wind”.




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